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​​​​Faith Castonguay​              TO SEE THROUGH A CHILD'S EYES IS AMAZING  



It was a bright sunshiny day and Wee's mom was looking out the kitchen window.  "Hmm," she thought as she was watched her little daughter. Wee was squatting down looking closely at something.  Mrs. Applegate couldn't figure out what she was doing.  Walking out the kitchen door she could hear her talking.  "Wee Rosie, she said,  What are you looking at and who are you talking to?"   Wee straightened up and looked up at her mom.  "I'm talking to the flowers.  They're my favorite kind and when we had those really pretty sunny days they finally came out.  I kept calling them and they told me first that it was too wet."  Her mom answered, "Ok."  "Then I talked to them on the last sunny day and they came out." said  Wee. Then Wee said, "I think they're mad at me because it rained again and got cold last night."  Mrs. Applegate replied, "Ok," as she looked at the little purple bell shaped flowers.  They did look a bit droopy and unhappy.  "Thank them for coming out, mom said, and tell them the weather will get warmer soon."  Wee smiled and thanked the little flowers and told them how pretty they were and that warmer days were coming.  Wee also promised to come back tomorrow.  It seemed as if the little flowers nodded in agreement as the wind blew ever so gently. 



Hey everyone!  It's been a loooong SUMMER!  We've had things happening and not happening.  You know, life.  So, I'm delaying putting out the next "Wee," book until 2019 but "Wee"  needs a new picture for the back cover.  So, with your help I'd like to take a poll on which picture I should use for "Wee's Cultural Dance," and you all get to be part of this.  Take a look and then comment on the Wee's Facebook page.  Thanks for your help!


We have these wonderful wild flowers that bloom every year.  You see a handful here and there but when they bloom on Lewis/McChord it turns the fields purple.  We drive by to see them, but it is such a short time that they're here.  More beauty for the next year!

*Photograph complements of:  American Meadows.com   Spanish Bluebells/Wood Hyacinth.